Yidish Vokh — Ale Vokh 2020



You can find our question-sheet for Family Feud here. Whether or not you can make it to the activity, answer the questions so that we can know what are the most popular answers among Yiddish-Vokhnikes!

Monday, August 24th, Dr. Zackary Sholem Berger will lead a session about Coronavirus. Send us your questions foe the doctor with this form!

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All times are Eastern Daylight Time
All activities are in Yiddish and one hour long unless otherwise noted


Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman’s 100th Birthday
August 9, 1:30-3:30 pm

Virtual concert co-sponsored by Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center, Yugntruf – Youth for Yiddish, YIVO, Yiddish League, CYCO, Congress for Jewish Culture, & others.

Join us for an online concert celebrating the 100th birthday of Yiddish songwriter, poet, and singer Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman (1920-2013). Conceived by Binyumen Schaechter, organized with the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, and emceed by Shane Baker, this free program (mostly in Yiddish) will feature performers influenced by this renowned artist, including Michael Alpert, Lorin Sklamberg, Alicia Svigals, Perl Teitelbaum, Josh Waletzky, Hy Wolfe, Reyna and Temma Schaechter, and Sveta Kundish & Patrick Farrell.

To view BEYLE100, RSVP for a Zoom link here:

Or go to the following link at the time of the event:


Reading Circles

Reading circles are presented in conjunction with YAAANA (Facebook page).

Reading Yiddish Census Materials

Thursday, July 16th, 2:00pm-3:00pm

We will learn about the interesting and fascinating activities occurring on the yidishe gas with the census. We will see various print materials published by the khsidish communities regarding the census and hear the Yiddish census song.
With Shmuel Yosef Milshteyn, the Yiddish specialist at the US Census Bureau. He is responsible to ensure that the Yiddish speaking community is fully and accurately included in the 2020 census, together with various community organizations.


Kafka’s Last Love- Dora Diamant with Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh
Thursday, August 6th, 2:00-3:00 pm

During the leynkrayz we will familiarize ourselves with Dora Diamant, Franz Kafka’s last love. She was a Yiddishist, an actress, and a political activist that lived in interesting times and countries. We will read and discuss what Dora wrote about the world-famous actor Solomon Mikhoels.


Sexloshn with Reb Noyekh with Noyekh Barrera
Thursday, August 13th, 2:00-3:00 pm

We will read and discuss very erotic material from the YIVO archive. Among our discussion questions: what were the sexual fantasies of Eastern-European Jews, particularly YeshivaBokhers? Did their fantasies have a religious nuance? Did people fantasize about the characters from Tanakh?


Daring to Live as a Woman: The Yiddish Poetry of a Closeted Trans Woman With Dr. Samantha Zerin, PhD (Shuli Elisheva)
Thursday August 20th, 2:00pm-3:00pm

Shuli Elisheva, a young poet and composer from Providence, RI, will share the Yiddish poems that she wrote before she came out as a trans woman. Participants will have the opportunity to read the poems out-loud, leynkrayz-style, and Shuli Elisheva will discuss the emotional content and context of each poem.


Sexloshn with Reb Noyekh with Noyekh Barrera
Thursday, August 27th, 2:00-3:00 pm

We will read selected erotic material from the YIVO archive. We will turn to the literature and think about how sexuality was handled. We will read examples from Chaim Grade’s novel The Yeshiva and Chava Rosenfarb’s The Tree of Life. In this way we will be able to compare the unprinted archive materials with the examples from Yiddish literature and consequently better understand the indulgences and sexual conflicts of Eastern-European Jews.


Lectures and Workshops

Poems by Mark Markovich Warshawsky with Raphael Finkel
Monday, July 13th 1:00pm-2:00pm

We will read songs and poems written by Mark Markovich Warshawsky, both well known and obscure. We will sing those that have a melody, and those that do not, we will think about why they never became popular. If this activity is popular we will think about leading a similar activity with Mordechai Gebirtig.


Khumesh with Yehoash with Marianne Tatom
Sundays July 19th-August 30th, 5:00-6:00pm

Torah in mame-loshn! We will read and discuss the weekly parsha from the famous Yiddish translation by Yehoash (Solomon Blumgarten z’’l, 1872-1927). All levels of Yiddish are welcome.


Feminism at the beginning of the 20th century with Yochanan Lowen
Monday, July 27th, 6:00pm-7:00pm

When a husband drowns in the ocean his wife drowns within herself… Dos Pintele Yud. The controversy between the Rabbis and the Enlightenment concerning the issue of the abandoned wife, and the Jewish woman in general.


The Combatting of Coronavirus in our Communities with Baruch Blum
Tuesday, August 4th, 6:00-7:00pm

We will discuss various ways to combat coronavirus in our communities such as those recommended by EndCoronavirus.org


Follow Your Dream with Shifra Lowen
Thursday, August 13th, 12:00-1:00pm

It’s no easy thing to leave what is familiar and heymish, but that is what Shifra Lowen did as a young Chassidic mother. Shifra will tell you how she and her husband and four children left the Chassidic community and built a new life. She will also give practical advice to the audience to encourage us: even if it seems that our dreams are not being fulfilled, we must never give up on them.


Unorthodox Panel with Eli Rosen and Tal Hever-Chybowski. Moderated by Rivke Canning Blum
Sunday, August 16th 1:30pm-2:30pm

How often is a TV series released in Yiddish? Just this year Netflix released the miniseries “Unorthodox”, with a large portion of the dialogue in mame-loshn. This Sunday we will discuss the project with Unorthodox actor and consultant Eli Rozen and fellow actor Tal Hever-Chybowski. Please feel free to bring your own questions.


Let’s Play Pythagoras and Use his Visual Tools to Explore and Understand The Theory of Numbers with Adam Teitelbaum

Monday, August 17, 6:00 pm; Tuesday, August 18th and Thursday, August 20th, 4:00 pm

The Greek philosopher Pythagorus is widely regarded as the first Mathematician. In the Sixth Century BCE he developed the Number Theory which is the basis of our understanding of numbers and arithmetic. He did this using a system of very simple visual digital symbols, which render his concepts self-evident; understandable to children and even selected adults. We will play with and use these tools to explore and understand the essential characteristics of numbers and number relationships.

Participants are requested to prepare about 100 pieces of identical size and shape; square shaped pieces an inch or less in width are ideal but round ones will work as well. Examples are small square tiles, square Lego pieces, mini shredded wheat squares(cereal) but also pennies or nickels, bingo markers, or poker chips. Children and Adults who can count and understand division and multiplication will be able to follow, participate and have fun. A special invitation to those who have an aversion to math, or think they don’t have a head for math.


The Life and Work of Miriam Karpilove with Jessica Kirzane
Friday, August 21st 4pm-5pm

Miriam Karpiloe (1888-1946) was an author of short stories, articles, dramas, romances, and poems, that were published in many American newspapers, including the Forverts. She was known for her ironic voice and for publishing a woman’s voice about sexuality. Jessica Kirzane translated her book – Diary of a Lonely Girl – and she is currently translating more of her work. Jessica will speak a little about Karpilove’s biography, woven together with details from her work.


Pickle Making with Chana Reingold
Monday, August 24th, 5:00-6:00pm

Chana Reingold will teach you how to make cucumber pickles. If you wish to make your own own picketed alongside Chana, you will need to “bring” several things:

one big or two medium glass jars
kosher salt
a weight
a pound of pickling cucumbers (the smaller the better)
pickling spices:
Black peppercorns
Bay leaves


Society and COVID – What Everyone Can Do for Themselves and One Another With Zackary Sholem Berger
Monday, August 24, 8:00-9:00pm

Dr. Zackary Sholem Berger will summarize the basics of our current knowledge of COVID-19: What kind of virus it is, how people become infected, how to avoid transmission, what are the proven remedies, and how warranted the hopes of a vaccine are. He will also speak to the societal factors that influence the pandemic and how they must change.

There will be time at the end to answer questions from the audience about all things Corona.
You can send in your questions in advance with this form: https://forms.gle/LqbwyZrAhuFEwKDe7


Type with beautiful Yiddish letters with Shoshke-Rayzl Juni
Thursday, August 27th, 4:00-5:00pm

We will see how easy it is to switch between languages when you type. Everyone who wants a free private consultation should email srjuni@gmail.com. In the meantime everyone is invited to to a lecture for a preview.


Mixed drinks with ChanaReingold
Thursday, August 27th, 7:30-8:30pm

You are invited to join talented cook Chana Reingold in a guided cocktail making workshop. You will join the l’chaim sho with a delicious cocktail or mocktail.


Grayznkrayz with Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath and Isaac Bleaman
Sunday, August 30th, 1:00-2:00 pm

The activity leaders will talk about all kinds of gramtical/stylistic errors they have heard throughout “Yiddish Vokh Ale Vokh” and how to correct them. Through this activity members of the audience will have an opportunity to better their Yiddish.


Virtual Lager-Fayer
Sunday, August 30th, 8:00-9:00pm

Sit around our virtual lager-fayer and share our favorite Yiddish songs! As our traditional closing night activity, Yidish-vokh’s lager-fayer on Zoom will unite us all with music. If you’d like to lead some songs, please email Yudis Bro with your choices and lyrics. But make your own somemores!


Yiddish Children’s Literature Series

Honey on the Page with Dr. Miriam Udel
Wednesday, July 22nd 7pm-8pm

Dr. Miriam Udel discusses her research on Yiddish children’s literature and her new anthology of classic Yiddish children’s literature that will make these treasures available for the first time in English.


“The Clever Little Tailor” with the translator David Forman
Tuesday, July 28th, 7pm-8pm

David Forman, translator of the forthcoming Yiddish-English bilingual edition of Solomon Simon’s “The Clever Little Tailor’’ (Kinder-Loshn Publications 2020) discusses his translation and his relationship with his grandfather Solomon Simon.


Mame-Loshn – Kinder-Loshn – Turning old Yiddish works into new bilingual children’s books for the 21st century with Jodran Kutzik
Wednesday, August 5th 7pm-8pm

Jordan Kutzik discusses Yugntruf’s project “Kinder-Loshn Publications,’’ the titles that will soon appear through it and plans for future books. 


Painting Yiddishland with Yehuda Blum 
Wednesday, August 12th, 7pm-8pm

Artist Yehuda Blum discusses his illustrations for “The Clever Little Tailor’’ (Kinder-Loshn Publications 2020) and the historical images and artistic forms that inspired them.


Harry Potter speaks Yiddish too! with Arun Viswanath
Wednesday, August 19th, 7pm-8pm

Arun Viswanath, translator of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone into Yiddish, discusses his translation process, where he found the Wizarding World’s magical vocabulary and explains why Hagrid speaks Polish Yiddish and Snape is a Ltivak. Plus, a special reading from his translation.


Children’s poetry with Boris Sandler
Wednesday, August 26th, 7pm-8pm

Sandler will read from his books “Good Morning’’ and “It Never Happened.’’



Yoga with Vera Szabo
Tuesdays July 7-August 4 8:00am-9:00am; Tuesdays August 11-August 25 11:00am-12:30pm

During the yoga lessons, we will extend our bodies, relax our minds, and refresh our spirit. The lessons are appropriate for any who has at a little experience and understands a little Yiddish. We will learn yoga terminology during the class. The style of the classes integrates various yoga traditions and helps develop mindfulness. Connect with the instructor by visiting https://verele.com/ or emailing verele@gmail.com.

In order to take part in this activity, you must send this consent form to verele@gmail.com



Harry Potter Trivia with Brukhe Lang, Zipporah Caplan and Rafi Caplan
Sunday, July 26th, 12:00 pm-1:00pm

This trivia game is perfect for everyone that enjoys the Harry Potter books. All participants will have the opportunity to answer the questions, both easy and hard.


Freggeshleg with Gitl Schaechter-Viswanath and Isaac Bleaman
Sunday, August 2nd, 1:00pm-3:00pm

A Yiddish “College-Bowl” for all ages


Yiddish Happy Hour with Isaac Bleaman and Reyna Schaechter
Thursdays July 16th, August 6th, and August 27th, 9:00pm-10:00pm

Let’s get together after a long day of work! The activity leaders (Reyna and Isaac) will prepare new games in Yiddish. For adults only (because we will be drinking in our homes)


Family Feud With Meena-Lifshe Viswanath

Sunday, August 23rd, 1:00pm-3:00pm

A game where you need to guess the most popular answers to a series of questions among Yiddish Vokhnikes

You can find our question-sheet for Family Feud here. Whether or not you can make it to the activity, answer the questions so that we can know what are the most popular answers among Yiddish-Vokhnikes!




Video Production Class For Everyone with Judy Bro Pinhasik
Mondays, August 3rd-August 31st, 2:00-3:00 pm

Aspiring filmmakers of all ages will learn to create their own videos every Monday from 2 to 3 pm until August 26th. Yudis Bro, who’s taught filmmaking in NJ public schools, will explain film basics (shots, angles, movement, editing on iMovie). After practicing at home with their cell-phone/digital cameras, participants will then pick a theme for and film/edit a short Yiddish film project – either a documentary (a day in my life, etc.) or a Yiddish tale or song performed by friends and family. The finished projects will premiere on our special August 26th Zoom Film Festival!


Sew Your Own Maskwith Mallika Leya Viswanath
Tuesday, August 11th, 6:00-7:00 pm

Looking for a mask that actually fits? In this crafts workshop, we’ll be learning how to make your own masks. Bring a needle (or sewing machine), thread, and fabric. While we sew, we’ll be listening to some Yiddish music!


Theater – Writing and Performing
With Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh
Sunday August 16th, Monday 17th, Wednesday 19th, Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, and Wednesday 26th 4:00-5:00pm

We will create and perform a play on Zoom about Corona and the new normal. Whoever wants to write will write. Whoever wants to perform will perform. Whoever wants to watch will watch. Our performance will be August 30th

Jointly presented with YAAANA (Facebook page).


Play Performance – Theater Writing and Performing With Jana Mazurkiewicz Meisarosh

Sunday, August 30th, 4:00-5:00pm

A play about Corona and the new normal

Jointly presented with YAAANA (Facebook page).


Children’s Activities

Pripetshik Cooking Classwith Rukhl Schaechter
Sunday, July 5th, 7:00pm

A cooking class for children where we will make a Russian potato-salad.
If your family wants to take part, send an email to Rukhl Schaechter rukhls@gmail.com – and she will send you the link to the cooking class and the list of materials and ingredients we will use.


Children’s Songs and Story Circle with Judy Bro Pinhasik
Wednesdays July 15th-August 26th, 12:00-12:45pm

Yudis Bro, who teaches Yiddish and songs at the Workers’ Circle’s Manhattan Shule and Camp Kinder Ring, will lead 3-to-6-year-olds every week in happy, interactive Yiddish kinder-lider, and will also share a Yiddish picture book on Zoom. Parents are invited to join the fun!


Cooking Class for Kids – Picnic Dishes with Rukhl Schaechter
Sunday, July 26th, 10:00 am

Rukhl Schaechter will show the children (and parents) how to make roasted asparagus with salmon (or with cheese for those who don’t eat fish) and roasted cauliflower-florets for their next picnic.


Explorers and World-Makers with Ken (Binyomen) Moss
Tuesday August 18th, Thursday August 20th, Tuesday August 25th, and Thursday August 27th, 1:00-2:00pm

An activity for children ages 6 to12 that emphasizes creative partnership. Together the children will “create” a country (or countries) with a climate and geography, flora and wildlife, culture and cities, technology, magic, and legends. There will be an artistic element (drawing, etc…), but the emphasis will be on discussing and creating this country. The instructor will send out a form in advance of every meeting. From time to time, parents will need to help prepare a little equipment in advance (simple art supplies, various kitchen equipment to serve as “technology”, and an assortment of candies for the big holiday and feast). There will be a reading and writing component. Help from parents/adults is okay, and for the younger children is a must. Please contact the instructor in advance. kmoss5@jhu.edu


I and the Shtetl
 with Arturo Kerbel-Shein
Monday, August 24, 12:00-1:00pm

The children will explore the basic elements of life in a Jewish shtetl, and reflect upon their lives in their own personal “shtetl”. By relating to their own environment, people, objects, and spaces, the children will reproduce the idea behind Marc Chagall’s painting “I and the village” with different materials that can be found at home.

Materials that will be used during the activity: paper, scissors, newspapers, magazines


My Own Bove Mayse with Arturo Kerbel-Shein

Wednesday, August 26, 2:00-3:00pm

This is a workshop where participants will reinforce their Yiddish and creative expression skills. We will create electronic comics, murals, and collages, using different characters and objects that can be found in Marc Chagall’s paintings.


Roadtrip to Yiddishland with Arturo Kerbel-Shein
Friday, August 26, 1:00-2:00pm

Yiddishland is not your average land. It’s not one single land, it’s not in one single continent, it doesn’t have a flag or an anthem? What is it, then? We’ll create our own passports valid for travel in Yiddishland, we’ll validate them with the right agents, and off we go! We shall visit a number of places in the world where active Yiddish communities exist. We’ll explore some history, local traditions, and new words.
We will also tell about each of our own Yiddishland corners.