Yidish Vokh Registration

גיט אַ קװעטש דאָ זיך צו פֿאַרשרײַבן אויף מאַמע־לשון!

For general questions regarding registration or the Yidish-vokh, please see the FAQ or contact Mire-Rivke at yvokh@yugntruf.org. For technical questions or comments regarding this form, please contact Yankl-Peretz at yp@yugntruf.org.

If you have the slightest doubt about your registration, please ask us before paying, as we incur transaction costs if we have to send refunds.

1. Participation

If you would like to lead an activity, discussion, or lecture (all in Yiddish), please fill out this form.

2. Personal Info

3. Membership

All attendees must have Yugntruf membership. If you are not yet a member, please become one now! If all registrants are already members in good standing, please check the checkbox below.

4. Bus

The bus will be departing on the 17th of August at 1:30pm from 247 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001

We will depart Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp in Copake at 1:30pm on the 23rd of August to the same address in Manhattan.

5. Room Registration

Click here to see pictures and a comparison of the rooms. (Negev and Canaan are "Berkshire Rooms"; Tel-Aviv is "Lodge Rooms"; Yerushalayim and Gan-Eden are "Pool House Rooms".)

מאַפּע פֿון צימערן

There’s no charge for children ages 3 and under who room with their parents, but please don't forget to register them above under "Personal Info" with their names and ages so we know that they're coming!

If any participants are coming for the first time, click the checkbox below to receive a 15% discount on their rooms! (If not all are first-time participants, make sure to register their rooms separately by using the "Register another room..." link below.)

Room Cost and Availability

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You can register another room here:

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You can register another room here:

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You can register another room here:

6. Coupon

If you have been given a discount code you may enter it here.

7. Donation
8. Anything Else?
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