Yidish-vokh 2010

Thanks to all who attended Yidish-vokh 2010!
We hope to see you again next year!

Camp Features

  • 300-seat Indoor Theater
  • Recording Studio
  • Appalachian Hiking Trails
  • Lecture/Program Rooms
  • Sports Field & Courts
  • 3 Visual Arts Studios
  • Olympic & Family Pools
  • Lakeside Dining
  • Boating
  • Outdoor Theater
  • WiFi & A/C
  • ADA Accessible
  • Playground
  • Canteen

Frequently Asked Questions

Yidish-vokh 2010 Rooms & Prices
(Note there is an additional $75 late fee after August 1st)

Yidish-vokh 2009 Schedule

The goal of Yugntruf: Youth for Yiddish is to provide the younger generation — and the young at heart — with unique opportunities for Yiddish immersion.

Yidish-Vokh is just one of those truly unique opportunities.

After more than 30 years, our Yidish-vokh summer camp continues to draw couples, singles, students, and families for an idyllic week in our “Yiddishland” in upstate New York.

All Yidish-vokh activities are in Yiddish: lectures, sports, folk dancing, discussions, singing around the campfire, reading groups, an amateur talent show, concerts, films, and special events. (Yiddish classes are offered for advanced beginners!)

Children from toddlers to teens enjoy age-appropriate, supervised programs of games, songs, crafts, and projects while building Yiddish language skills.

Our new location, Kutz Camp, also boasts two swimming pools and a picturesque lake for boating and swimming, a modern arts center, and lakeside dining, a variety of accommodations and program spaces. Basketball, baseball, hiking, and leisurely walks in the woods are some of Yidish-vokh’s popular outdoor experiences.

The food is kosher, with vegetarian options; an Orthodox mashgiakh oversees all meals througout the week. Egalitarian-Conservative and Orthodox Shabes services are also available along with secular activities on Saturday morning.

Yidish-vokh is a genuine community of Yiddish speakers, students, professors, activists, writers, and musicians. Our Yugntruf members give the lectures, perform, and lead the discussions and workshops so that they can share their knowledge, talent, and love of mame-loshn. It’s an experience you’ll never get anywhere else.